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Our client cut across all strata of the economy. Without compromising our cherished and core value of client’s secrecy and confidentiality, our clients include Federal and States Governments’ MDAs, Banks and other financial Institutions, Construction Companies, Oil Companies, Real Estate Companies, Aviation Companies, Transport Companies, FMCG Companies, Agro Industries, Media Companies, Manufacturing Companies, Corporate bodies and private individuals.

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Law firm

Maxi Legal is a leading full-service law firm made up of experienced, talented and highly skilled lawyers.


Our lawyers are knowledgeable, responsive and easy to communicate with.

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We offer highly specialized professional legal services and advice in the wide area of commercial and corporate law and practice.


Our Lawyers render the highest quality of legal services you can get.

At Maxi Legal, we pride ourselves on having a team of young, vibrant, spirited, and result-driven attorneys with diverse expertise and training in different substrata of law and legal practice. Our team members are not only socially inclined but also possess excellent analytical minds and are skilled in providing professional and appropriate legal opinions and advice.

Our team consists of highly motivated, world-class professionals who are committed to providing result-oriented legal services to our clients, both in and out of court. We believe that our client’s interests are our interests, and their success is our success.

Our team includes upwardly mobile, highly creative, IT-savvy, brilliant, talented, and disciplined legal practitioners who are equipped to handle complex legal issues across various industries. We strive to stay on the cutting edge of technology and legal developments to ensure that our clients receive the highest quality of legal services.

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    We've achieved many national awards

    With quality service and responsible attorneys, we have had the best overall performance in most of practice areas we have covered in the last five years